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Service Account Management

Service accounts run critical scheduled tasks, batch jobs, application pools, and more across a complex network of databases, applications, and file systems both on premise and in the cloud.

Despite their importance and critical dependencies, service accounts become stale and vulnerable without ongoing management. Plus, privileged credentials are often shared across service accounts, so access to one provides access to many, expanding your attack surface and increasing your risk. 

PAM-SOL-1 pam solutions

Provision service accounts correctly right from the start

Management of service accounts is often neglected since updating or changing credentials is risky.  It’s difficult, if not impossible for many, to map and keep track of business services that rely on these accounts.Make sure new service accounts adhere to PAM best practices.

  • Store service accounts in a central vault.
  • Create unique, complex passwords that automatically rotate and expire.
  • Document service account dependencies.
  • Assign owners and approvers as responsible parties.
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PAM Solutions for Service Account Governance.

S pam solutions

Full-featured, free trials get you up and running fast

Discover privileged accounts, vault credentials, ensure password complexity, delegate access, and manage sessions.

Seamless service account governance from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning.

Enforce least privilege for cloud-hosted servers and centrally manage policies from the SaaS platform.

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